Develop new ideas to boost your innovations


because great ideas make great brands.

for each client, we try to design the most innovative ideas and appealing concepts based on 3 essentials: the brand’s DNA, the consumers’ insights and the market trends.

Leverage trends to build innovative concepts, enhance existing brand DNA or renovate portfolio, recommend innovative concepts or platforms... 

We can offer services from strategic consulting to DNA enhancement as well as be your external marketing service to completely design your future products (name, concept, ingredient, formulation).

Our clients are international brands, ingredient suppliers or contract manufacturers keen to enhance their innovations and their project's success. Most of our missions are linked to a confidentiality agreement.

For large-scale development projects, our team developed a proprietary method tailored to the beauty industry.

  • Project DNA (Magic Cross Method), geography and ingredient cartography, ...


Arobase by Cosmauvergne - DNA rework- Creation of the concept:Arobase, “Reconnect with your skin”: Positioning, strategy and story telling



Creation of a new make-up removal line and of the "cotton science" concept: positioning, strategy,  scientific concept, names, consumer concept, texture, and training Tools.

Demak'Up Project - Europe

Demak'Up Project - Europe

Creation of the "Art du Soin" face line and the "Art of infused skincare" concept: strategy, DNA, concept, ritual, consulting in development and training book. 

diptyque - France & International

diptyque - France & International

Complete relaunch of the Remède line (15 sku's): positioning, strategy, scientific concept, names, consumer concept, texture and copywriting.

Remède Project - USA

Remède Project - USA



  • New make-up concept ideation for a famous beauty brand

  • Positioning, strategy and scientific message for a new skincare brand

  • Creation of a collection for several B to B Laboratories