Story telling & communication

Creating a true story that resonates and enhances appeal

because a brand is a voice.

Empowered consumers expect brands to speak up. They want them to be more transparent, more authentic, more creative. In this revolutionary context, we want to help brands find their own tone and build their true personality.

Translating ideas into real aspirational stories is the key to help innovation move from a good idea to an authentic success.



Photo: Leone Venter via Unsplash

Photo: Leone Venter via Unsplash

360° branding: DNA, manifestos, wording, rewording.

From brand platforms to inspiring mottos, our content designers will help you find your tone. We also create tailor-made abcdaires: guides to your brand’s unique words, to help all your teams speak with one voice.

English and French copywriting of web contents (websites, social media), blogging (articles, press releases), products storytelling, boxes, leaflets and samples.


Photo: Ika Dam via Unsplash

Photo: Ika Dam via Unsplash

Optimize communication to clients (B to C or B to B) via a tailored message and design. 

Brochures, leaflets of web design. 

- Click here for the BioLab website - communication platform, logo, collection optimisation, design by Cosmetics Inspiration&Creation. 

- Click here for the UEBT Barometer - communication platform, logo, marketing consulting and design by Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation.

- Click here for the UEBT Barometer website crafter by Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

- Click here for the Arobase website - content creation


Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Convey the best in-store message via training books, in-store discovery techniques and the design of training videos.

- Sales presentation kit & video for Demak'up launch

- Training Book for the Art of Skincare - diptyque

- Training Book for La Colline

- Spa Protocole for Art du Soin diptyque

- Story videos for the UEBT