Generate prospective ideas for your future developments. 

We inspire and stimulate creation and new ideas via our trend books, presentations, inspiration workshops and Beauty tours.



All around the world and on social media, we "hunt" beauty trends for your projects, and offer a unique expertise for your future developments.

With our mixed complementary backgrounds (engineers, marketers, sociologists, story-tellers, graphic designers) and the specific methods we have built through the years, we develop comprehensive reports focused on every aspects of Beauty to help you understand its global ecosystem - and better anticipate tomorrow.




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Time for Change - Inspiration from the USA - Makeup Edition is the latest Prospective Book from the Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation agency. More than ever, consumers are keen to choose makeup aligned with their values, and brands that embrace the notion of inclusivity at a wider level. Time For Change is the title of this report, to portray the adjustment of our industry in light of a changing society and influences.

Every 6 months, our "Inspiration from the USA" books decipher and analyze the new beauty trends in the United States, a 360 degree analysis of the changes in the industry, the new influences and the prospective trends to follow.

Discover 6 prospective universes, with more than 80 innovative products from our inspiration basket. The report also provides pragmatic guidelines and inspiration seeds for your future innovations organized by axes (Face, Lips, Eyes, Nails). In appendix, the monthly analysis of Instagram influences.

2-hour live presentation

What's Up - Retail & Social Media News 

6 Prospective Trends

Conclusions by Axes (Face, Lips, Eyes, Nails)


Product ID Sheets

Interactive Report with Links

+100 innovative products, brands, retailers & influencers


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Seoul Inspiration - Inspiration from Korea - is our Inspiration Book dedicated to makeup and skincare trends in Korea. In 2018, The K-Beauty market is still an immense source of inspiration, as well as one of the Top 3 country of exports and a major disrupting force in the industry. The local cosmetics market still show strong growth despite the China Thaad crisis. Due to an increased confidence from consumers, color makeup is also blooming, driven by bolder influencers flashing Instagram-worthy looks. A creativity coming from social media and fully embraced by a new generation of users. 

Korean brands are very responsive to international trends coming from the East and West. They show extraordinary initiative by reinterpreting those trends with a twist of K-touch, creating one of the strongest innovation rate in the world. T

In this new Seoul Inspiration book, we decipher the latest Beauty Shakers influencing the market, as well as the impact of social media (especially Instagram) on K-brands’ strategies, storytelling and “storyliving”. New desires in terms of skin texture, color or personalization are overall infusing these cosmetics and makeup innovations. Presented on boards, prospective universes express these beauty trends illustrated with the latest avant-garde products from our beauty basket. 

2-hour live presentation

What's Up - Retail & Social Media News

4 Skincare Prospective Trends

4 Makeup Prospective Trends

Product ID Sheets

Interactive Report with Links

+100 innovative products, brands, retailers & influencers 



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Disrupting the Retail Landscape is a special issue exploring the major changes in the worldwide retail landscape. We examine how the digitalization and humanization paradox has influenced consumer behavior, leading to an evolution in retail. Consumers are looking for both empowerment through technology and, at the same time, for emotion, altruism and human connections. The shopping journey has been revolutionized in the digital age, and brands must revisit the traditional retail model. More prepared than ever, beauty consumers, especially Beauty Natives, expect more from their in-store experience. 

In this report, we decipher this contemporary paradox, analyze the new shopping journey, highlight six global retail trends illustrated with examples around the world, and provide insight into the future retail landscape. The Inspiration Book will inspire and guide your future strategies. 

This Inspiration Book is based on field visits in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seoul, Japan, London and Paris, enriched by analysis from articles, conferences, studies, magazines and social media. This study also includes street interviews made in Paris and New York to gather insights on the Millennials shopping journey. 

2-hour live presentation

What's Up - Retail & Social Media News

Tailored Beauty Tours on demand

Stores ID Sheet

Shopping journeys Interview

What’s next - Prospective Trends


  • SKINCARE DISRUPTION - Trends and Inspiration from Skincare

  • GEN NEXT - Exploring the relation to beauty of the younger Millennials

  • THE RISE OF HUMAN VALUES - and the emergence of a consumer desire for more transparency and human touch.

  • BEAUTY & FOOD - Transversal inspiration and trends to follow

  • THE NEW MODELS OF SELF EXPRESSION and their implication for the beauty industry


  • GEN X and their relation to beauty


  • On demand report specially tailored for our clients - Previous projects: The rise of J-Beauty, Green 3.0, Anti-age disruption, What's Up



If you wish to receive a more in-depth presentation of these reports or a quote.


Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation in New York City - Ray Ban Store

Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation in New York City - Ray Ban Store

Spotting trends to infuse ideas for the future 

Exploring changes in consumer behavior, outlining trends, spotting inspiring innovation and drawing future perspectives that feed the product innovation process. 

Deciphering innovative products 

Investigating the changes of behavior, identifying the trends and the perspectives of tomorrow. 

"Fueling" with recommendations 

From "blue sky" to "ready-to-use" ideas, we propose concrete recommendations, pragmatic approaches for the beauty players with indications of territories, avenues of reflection and innovation.


Presentations in the client's office or in a specific venue. Includes the trend report, inspirational boards and product analysis. 



- Normal session: 90 to 120_minutes sessions (including new product showcase)

- Inspiration Workshops : Full day session devoted to generating innovative ideas. 

Presentation in Paris

Innovation workshops in Lyon

Innovation workshops in Lyon

Innovation Workshops in Paris

Innovation Workshops in Paris

Trends USA session in Paris

Trends USA session in Paris


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Our Inspiration Bar in L.A., Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

Our Inspiration Bar in L.A., Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

Our Inspiration Bar in L.A., Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

Our Inspiration Bar in L.A., Photo by Cosmetics Inspiration Creation


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