Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

From mindful skincare to men grooming, the Indie Beauty Expo and its 80 exhibitors shaked the habits of the London Old Truman Brewery on October 24 & 25.

Cashing in on its success overseas, the American Indie Beauty Expo made its European debut with a hot London edition next to street art neighbourhood Brick Lane on October 24 and 25. This was the 10th edition for the exhibition born in 2015, before its next stop in Berlin in March.

The aim of the event: decipher “indie brands”. You know, the little bombs of creativity that disrupted the market in a record time, literally invaded Instagram, robbed 55% of the prestige market growth and earned (so easily) the trust of Millennial consumers.

 Photo Credit: Max Andrey

Photo Credit: Max Andrey

“We never had a grand vision to change the industry,commented Nader Naeymi-Rad, cofounder of Indie Beauty Media Group. “We started with a need and that helped open our eyes to this incredible market that’s been booming.

Professionals, brands creators, influencers, journalists, retailers and other beauty aficionados thus had 48h to get to know the new paradigms of this niche market.

 A very indie aspirational quote. Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

A very indie aspirational quote. Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

Two days during which 4 major trends emerged, structuring the indie brands ecosystem.


A wellness wind is blowing on indie brands, with new whole steps, good for both body and soul. The "crystal-infused”trend is still raging, with brands such as Balipura, available in wellness & yoga centers, and its auric sprays that are energy harmonising, encompassing the ancient and magical healing spirit of Bali.

 Balipura auric sprays. Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Balipura auric sprays. Credits: @Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation

Baljinder Kaur, creator of'Adarci, was inspired by her grandmother’s values: the great importance of inner-connectedness, the word "adarci" in punjabi "ardas", meaning the yearning for a deeper, more harmonious connection.

Same approach for Herbal Dynamics who extracts wellbeing at the source, from plant-based ingredients, or the lunar Kiss The Moon, specialized in night products based on aromatherapy blends to restaure a beautiful sleep.

 Credits: @Cosmetics Inpirations Creation

Credits: @Cosmetics Inpirations Creation


 With an increasing 43% of consumers saying they would consider a brand’s ethical stance before purchasing it (Source: Mintel Natural, Organic and Ethical Toiletries), good behaviour is more than ever a KPI on the market. In London, we found that a lot of indies managed to mix aesthetics and ethics, a perfect combination for beauty aficionados. Shining example: the kiwi Girls Undiscovered, one of our indie crush, a"100% wild & naturally sourced" brand built on an exquisite packaging and a strong communication take on realness.

Same goes for the very woody palette and kabukis packs by Antonym, or the organic crystal-infused nail polishes by the Madrid-based Handmade Beauty.

In a more naïve and colourful universe, The Kind Planet Company offers organic power-balms with beautiful Basquiat-like patterns.


Transparent and respectful formulations are at the core of indie values. A 360° clean beauty concept that helps indies stand out from the industry - without forgetting a glamorous touch. Clean lipsticks were one of the highlights of the Expo, like the ultra-pigmented couture organic lipsticks by Sarya, or the very lustrous vegan Axiology’s goodies made of mango and many oils: coconut, ricin, avocado, grapefruit seeds and Candalila wax (an alternative to beeswax.)

Complexion wise, the French inclusive Belle Radiance presented its AquaMat foundation (15 shades) formulated with 60% water and 85% natural ingredients, while Sappho went ahead and announced “a new paradigm” with certified organic collections, infused with phyto-nutrients, created by Canadian makeup artist JoAnn Fowler.


The art of layering is back, thanks to indies eager to break down formulas for more transparency and create new stepped rituals. A more participative vision of Beauty assuring sourcing and giving consumer full control over skincare.

The two new fragrances by Brittish Awake Organics can be worn together or separately, depending on one’s mood as they are enriched with "mood-enhancing herbs". With a "mix in, stand out" philosophy, Emulsion offers to build one’s truly personal blend in 4 steps: a base, an exfoliant, a fragrance and a drop of illuminating essential blend, to mix & match according to one’s needs.

Finally, the natural and minimalistic capsule collection of Alex Carro counts 5 different products, that can be mixed for a tailor-made cosmetic ritual.

The Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation agency, specialized in the Beauty world, attended the Indie Beauty Expo October 24, 25.

For a full report on the Exhibition of for further information, feel free to contact the agency.