Credits : Chris Nguyen

Credits : Chris Nguyen

What if innovation came from the other side of the world? Just a few years ago, model Miranda Kerr and apothecary brand Aesop already aroused the curiosity of beauty hunters. Only a hop away from us (24 hours in plane), the biggest island on Earth is invading the Beauty market with disruptive products, and scoring a perfect 10 when it comes to aiming gen X, Y and Z. What’s their special recipe for success? Here’s 4 keys to understand what is driving the new explorer-consumer towards South Pacific brands.


Naturalness is no longer a segment or an option - it is a driving force of all industries including the beauty industry. Whatever shape it may take (sustainable, local, organic, cruelty-free etc.), rising indie brands are clearly taking a stand. A challenge for legacy brands who are now joining the race for authenticity, and adapting their sourcing towards more respect. Will the market reach 100% “natural” in the near future? An ideal difficult to reach today, however aussies and kiwis brands have always carried “naturalness” in their DNA.

“What’s happening is Australian brands perfectly match consumers’ expectations, and thus just by being themselves” explains Leïla Rochet, founder of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation agency. “Exceptional natural landscapes, rare ingredients, transparency, ethics, empathy…Australia simply is in tune with the trends that are shaping 2018.” True story: Aesop was already cruelty-free in 1987. Dozens of aussie brands are now strongly established in the vegan game, such as Original Mineral (O&M)Grown AlchemistSukin or the famous Bondi Sand


With their exceptional landscapes, and the great distance that separates them from Western continents, Australia and New-Zealand inspire both fantasies and phobias. Dangerous nature (hello deadly snakes), gorgeous volcanic sceneries, mirror lakes, untouched jungle (hello Tasmania), and red, black or white deserts…The narrative potential is great, and source its inspirations in an unseen and original botany. In this universe, ingredients are native and endemic, synonyms of precious rareness, and are even more fascinating as they usually come from maoris and aborigines legacies. A heritage made of pacific salts, papaya, rosehip or kiwi seed oil, manuka honey, Rotorua mud, Kaolin clay, lanolin oil (fatty acids from sheep’s wool), and many more. As Skin by Ecostore puts it: the actives in Pacific products are supposed to be the more effective in the world. Asarai, gender-neutral brand, claims to only use local products, made from the Kakadu plum, famous to fight inflammation.

Online, the Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment by Sand & Sky, a scrub enriched in the famous Australian pink clay, had more than 11000 buyers on a waiting list. In a very “Millennial Pink” style, Alya Skin also launched a pink mask made with kaolin clay, aloe vera and pomegranate.


New icon on the block, the “Australian” woman is taking the Beauty world by storm, as a wilder version of the Californian - “Crocodile Dundee” style.

Showing off golden wavy post-surf-sesh hair and a perfect all-year tan, the aussie beauty is now a must-have look during the summer season. Body is at the center of this aesthetic, always impeccably tanned and athletic, thanks to Australian outdoor sports (surf and tramping). The notion of wilderness is part of the universe, even though sophisticated urbanity is still strong thanks to iconic places like Bondi Beach.


In this context, fake-tan products are key and have boomed on international markets, thanks to new disruptive and senso-performing textures. In Australia, “tanning” is never the only goal, and most fake-tan products also carry many properties: anti-age, anti-acne, moisturising, firming, energising etc.

A “winter tan” will be achieved with cruelty free options such as the Winter Skin Moisturizer by  Eco Tan, the no makeup perfection is made with self tanners, like the perfecting toner Face Tan Water by Eco Tan (huge on Instagram), and the instant Instagram-filter effect is perfected by products such as the  Tan&Go by the very Millennial brand Selfie

Still on a “natural” note, body products claim disruptive textures, like the Skinny Tan Tan & Oil with coconut oil and guarana for toning and moisturising, a “tanning" balm” with the James Read Gradual Tan Coconut Melting Balm Face & Body, the cacao firming foam Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse (vegan, cruelty, organic), or the very sensorial Endota Spa Organics Lilly Pilly & Lime Gradual Tanner.

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